David Bedford demands compensation from The Number


David Bedford demands compensation from The Number


David Bedford who broke the 10,000 meters world record in 1973, reckons the mustache clad running lads in the 118 118 adverts are modeled after him. His solicitors have demanded compensation from The Number for using his likeness in their advertising. The agency creatives on the other hand, claim the runners are modeled after Steve Prefontaine who died in a caraccident in 1975, and that the outfit worn by the two actors is in the style of the Great Britain athletic kit which was used during the seventies.

(above - left to right: Steve, 118, David.)


I call bullshit! Pretty convenient to have modeled the 118 guys after a blond dead runner that can't demand compensation - He never ran in the great british athletic kit either since he was American. Admit that the 188 guys look like David Bedford.

also, Steve Prefontaine wasn't "mustache man" until his last two years.... It's far more common to have seen him without one.

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