David Lynch to shoot Playstation commercial.

Come October, David Lynch will be shooting a Playstation commercial in L.A.

Not a suprising departure from motion pictures as Newsweek reported his keeness for small-screen epics earlier this week:
"Lynch has volunteered to produce campaign ads for would-be Reform Party presidential candidate John Hagelin. The director recently met Hagelin at a fund-raiser and quickly fell for his largely libertarian platform. Plus Lynch is into Transcendental Meditation--a movement in which Hagelin is quite active. The director says he plans to film the candidate simply discussing issues. When asked whether he'd include "wandering dwarves,"Lynch replied "It's not about me."

We are hoping that the script is better than in the Timex commercial that Tim Burton shot earlier this year.

Update! and here it is! Playstation 2 - Welcome to the third place