David is your subservient Cannes-barfly, meanwhile adage tweets from the gutter bar


Hold on to your hats people, Cannes Lions fest will be tweeted, bambused and sent live like no other!

Adage launched their little barfly-spy @GutterTweets where you can expect to find lots of loose lips. Everyone follow right now.

Then, David on Demand comes along and ups the ante, he has webcam enabled glasses, and anything he sees you see. Follow @DavidonDemand to see what he is up to and bark order at him like he's you bitch. He even offers one idea ; you tweet me to go jump in the fountain at the Martinez, I'll do it. I will tweet him right now, it's the pool, not the fountain. ;) I'm sure we can think up quite a few things we'd like to see him do, and some we'd rather not.

Wrath of Cannes are still not going, expect them to be seen here instead like last year, on the Bambuser page, which is the page where any adgrunt can send live video to, so if you are going to Cannes, don't forget to set up your account (see faq for help) for this and lets see if we can't film David on Demand as he films us making it all so very meta.

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