Deadly shoes - the Converse Controversy

Converse, now a Nikecorp brand, has critics going ballistic over its latest shoe, the Loaded Weapon. ESPN reports.

This brings up the big question in branding, ladies and gents...
What's in a name?

The "Loaded Weapon" name, is under fire because of recent high-profile cases involving guns, murder and basketball players.

"Loaded Weapon" is a new generation of "weapon" a shoe that has been sold around the world under that name since 1981.

"That shoe is still sold in hundreds of countries and the company has sold millions of pairs," said Dave Maddocks of Converse. "The new shoe is loaded with a new cushion system." Thus, the Loaded Weapon.

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    thinks better of it.

    Yeah the new cushion system is probably exactly like a loaded weapon, not.

    Oct 02, 2003