Dear Mother New York: We want to know about your Mothers.

Since Mothers day (USA) is rapidly approaching we thought we'd ask advertisings foremost expert on Mothers, Mother New York, a few questions about their dear moms.
All little children and by extension, creative grownups stem from somewhere, right? Yes that's right, all come from mom.

Most creative gift you've given your Mum?

Krystle Loyland: "Breakfast in bed when I was 7 years old. I made the bowl of cereal first, then prepared the rest. She woke up to a soggy bowl of Total, juice, milk and a can of fruit with the can opener sitting next to it."

Durk Barnhill : "5 hour scrabble marathon."

Andrew Deitchman: "I made her a super-computer made entirely from noodles and popsicle sticks."

Christine Santora: "Extra controller for the wii so she could box my dad in wii sports"

Ben Hughes: "My dad told me that women loved getting jewelry, so I made my mom some out of tinfoil when I was about seven. The whole deal -- rings, bracelets, even a tiara. She was good enough to wear it all out to dinner one night; strangely, she didn't have it on when she came home."

Rob DeFlorio: "Cash. No card, just cash

Bobby Hershfield: My Mom is a writer and I bought her a vintage typewriter. I put a white sheet of paper in it and typed, “Dear Mom, thanks for getting pregnant and having me.”

DB: sweet.

How has your Mum inspired your creativity?

Victoria Monsul : "My mom inspired me to be creative from an early age, exposing me to culture: museums, concerts, operas, plays, traveling around the world, summers in Poland every year, her own ridiculous stories of dating artists and famous writers...the list goes on."

Krystle Loyland: "She perfects a new craft every couple years. She's mastered sewing, cooking, embroidery, stained-glass-making, and a million other creative things, and now she's bottling & selling her own dessert sauces. I have to try to create my own stuff now and then just to keep up."

Durk Barnhill : "Her love of the arts; opera, theatre, museums and always wanting to share that with me."

Andrew Deitchman: "Whenever I had a lame idea, she would beat me severely…"

Ben Hughes: "By ensuring that all the genes she passed on to me resulted in a weak, socially awkward child, she really left me no choice. I was either going to become a writer or the world's worst drywall installer."

Rob DeFlorio: "By agreeing to have her picture on my business card."

Bobby Hershfield: "When I was 7 years old my Mom took me to see the movie, “Harold and Maude”. From that day on she has always inspired me to live my life creatively and to the fullest."

So there you have it, a Mother's Mothers and how they inspired the great ads you see from Mother New York. Here's to you, mom.

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