Dear PR people: Mass mailings don't reach the editors


Dear PR people: Mass mailings don't reach the editors

Bear with me adgrunts, as this is the best place to alert PR people to this, fast. Yes, I'm assuming that someone reads the pages they email. We have a contact email - hostmaster at adland dot tv - where we get all the news tips, press releases and other stuff sent to. These emails are then automagically forwarded to everyone here. But only if the "To:" line in the email has the above mentioned email address in it.

See, a lot of spam is "To:" someone else. A lot of mass-mailing is "To:" another addy as well.
As it turns out, a lot of PR people create a mailing list which then makes the "To:" field reflect the senders (their own) address. In all of these cases the email gets stuck on the server and it may take weeks before we see it.

Remedy: want to contact us, create an email, put our address in the "To:" field, and send. It's pretty easy, really. Do not mass email press releases to us as we simply won't see it.


At least they do bcc the entire list and don't show everyone's email address to the world - or worse, invite responses that are then emailed to everyone if someone replies to all.

Is email really that difficult to grasp?

I feel your pain!

Actually there are plenty of people who send in news via email and don't bcc the entire list, so we can see which other ad sites they are emailing. Or even better, sometimes at the start of an email it will say "hi x" - x being someone from another site and definitely not anyone here at Adland.

If you're not giving exclusivity, at least you can fake it.

I stand corrected: email really is difficult for some people to use.

I'm not surprised anymore by the "Hi " and I'm not even that bothered. I will put that email in the "check later if you're bored" pile rather than the "Oh My god, fun! Post now!" pile. It's a much bigger sin to start mails with "Hi Bitch!" which I really frown upon, especially since some CD from Modernista! whom we shall not name (but you can guess) whined for a full page about having to pay to see "his own" VW ads that he had created when at another agency which we have in the archive. I don't know if he thought he was funny in that mail, but it just wasn't. We seldom get things sent to the hostmaster inbox that falls under the OMGFPN-pile though, I get that directly to my personal email from people I already know. Ain't that always the way it is though?

Do PR people even try to treat blogs/websites right?

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