Dear SAAB here's a free idea to save your EPIC FAIL launch of 9-5 tomorrow


Dagens Industri notes that SAAB has to sell 125.000 cars to reach profit. The Independent even says that SAAB "depends on this car for its survival". Journalists from around the world have seen and driven the 2010 Saab 9-5 which is being launched tomorrow. In Sweden, launching a car the 19th of June is an epic fail... The entire country is preoccupied with the crown princess Victoria's wedding, and practically all of Stockholm is blocked off in order to let the royal carriage trot through.

So, what should you do when you're fighting for attention with the first Royal wedding in 33 years? All the advertising space is booked solid, and the press ignores you as they're too busy writing miles of column inches about this wedding. Since you can't tag along with the cortège around Stockholm (though that would be great, is the SAAB 9-5 an amphibious car?), I suggest that you get as many of these cars as possible out tonight and park them everywhere around the cortège route areas. There will be plenty of family members out tomorrow who are more interested in cars than princesses, give them something to look at. Like the "streamlined and futuristic but still unmistakably SAAB" car. With any luck, the car will end up in the background of photos published in the news, and possibly the future history books. Get cracking! Tow* all the other cars away if you have to, just get it done.

* I should clarify the towing, if you move anyone's car to replace it with the SAAB, make sure the car owner gets the keys to the SAAB and can test drive for the day.

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