Dear Sydsvenskan - I broke your billboard.


Dear Sydsvenskan - I broke your billboard.


Sydsvenskan in Sweden are well known for doing crazy advertising billboards, however not all of them last...
"Dear Diary....
I was talking a walk in our lovely fall rain when I spotted a giant diary on the street. Actually, it was an advertising poster that looked like a diary. 'Open me' it beckoned, so open it I did....."
(more inside)

Inside the poster headline said something like "curious? read the personal pages of Sydsvenskan.." or similar, I can't remember because as I was opening the diary door - ker-unch! - the door fell of the billboard.

It was really quite easy to see why, the cover was heavy and the only thing keeping it up was double sided tape. Yup, a heavy wood and paper cover was only stuck with double sided tape. And they expected people to mess with it like I did.

So, dear Sydsvenskan, I'll give you eight points for your curiosity killed the cat idea, but a mediocre 2 for the physical execution. But don't let this minor setback stop you from doing crazy posters in the future, just try again!


What a sad story   -- guess they will use stronger tape next time!


The Creative Connector

Dabitch Dabillboardkiller.Wtf is that white thing on your hand? A mitten?

From Dabitch's blog (from Sat., Oct. 20, 2007):
"Tuesday I spent all morning in the operating room, having some surgeon reattach my ring finger tendon to the place where it should be, instead of having it curled up in the middle of my hand where it apparently was".

The white thing on her left hand is a cast, as the picture here, is from 3-4 weeks later.

P.S. Dabitch - Hope you're doing better.

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

Holy crap people read my pathetic blog. ;P Thanks Allan, it's doing kind of better. Only kind of. There's talk of perhaps having to do it all again as the tendon might have grown stuck to the bone now. :/ It's not easy avoiding lifting anything heavier than an envelope when you have a two-year old, that's fer dang sure.


What, you can't lift 20 kilos* with only your right hand? And you call yourself a mom! :-)

My wife had surgery on her hand (just 1 finger, actually) a few years ago, and it took about 2+ months to finally heal (She didn't need extra surgery). She couldn't carry anything with that hand that whole time, and has favored it slightly ever since.

As to your blog - you had mentioned that you were home and not at work due to the surgery, but I couldn't find that posting - so I went to your blog to see if I could find anything about it - and I did!

*= 44 lbs. for Americans (at least those who never bought/sold illicit drugs, or have never done anything with science ).

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

Ha, good thing I never update my own blog much. Ha, I can do one-armed carries up and down the stairs, it's the in and out of stroller that's a two-handed operations! ;P
Seriously, I'm gonna look lopsided after this. I swear. I hope my scar-photo didn't scare you.

Hey, I read your blog and I've only known you for ten minutes! I've seen your daughter's room and her winter overalls, and your scar and the tree in the road, and so on and so forth. It's excellent reading.  Different than adland, but well worth the trip! 

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