Dear Sydsvenskan - I broke your billboard.

Sydsvenskan in Sweden are well known for doing crazy advertising billboards, however not all of them last...
"Dear Diary....
I was talking a walk in our lovely fall rain when I spotted a giant diary on the street. Actually, it was an advertising poster that looked like a diary. 'Open me' it beckoned, so open it I did....."
(more inside)

Inside the poster headline said something like "curious? read the personal pages of Sydsvenskan.." or similar, I can't remember because as I was opening the diary door - ker-unch! - the door fell of the billboard.

It was really quite easy to see why, the cover was heavy and the only thing keeping it up was double sided tape. Yup, a heavy wood and paper cover was only stuck with double sided tape. And they expected people to mess with it like I did.

So, dear Sydsvenskan, I'll give you eight points for your curiosity killed the cat idea, but a mediocre 2 for the physical execution. But don't let this minor setback stop you from doing crazy posters in the future, just try again!

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