Decorate your willie with Dickorations!


Decorate your willie with Dickorations!


No longer does your trouser snake need to go naked or unadorned! From tuxedos for those special occasions to superhero capes when a fair maiden needs rescuing, "Dickorations" will have your beef bayonet looking sharp!

"Dickorations" is a new campaign for Durex Condoms running as print in Maxim, FHM, etc and with a web site where you can print out costumes for your, uh, lower member. Both print and online for this campaign was created by Fitzgerald & Company in Atlanta.

Sounds perfect for their target. Although I do have to wonder if any of them will actually print the darn things out and use them. Will they be worried about paper cuts? It reminds me a bit of the Tampax print ad with the paper doll-like clothes for the tampon.


*moahahahaha* ha... haha.... ow... Stop it! Hehe.. "beef bayonet looking sharp".. Hahaha, hahaha.. hahaha! I'm dying here.

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