Def MINI Records - MINI Music Label Launch


Def MINI Records - MINI Music Label Launch

MINI launched a new online Viral Campain called Def MINI Records.
They signed a few Bands (or created them) and produced some smash hits with fancy Lrics about their Product Benefits.
N'CAP - sweeter than sugar
Runflat - the lonesome cowboy
The Disc Brakes - record-breaking, nothing faking

And watch out for the ultimate Fun Game "Butt-Memory"!

Cheers backbord



Wow. That must've taken months and months and months to create.

Lat year Crispin did the exact same thing: a fake record label band site for Burger King with with a fake band (Coq Roq), fake songs and band bio stuff ...

All I'm saying is Burger King did it, and now Mini is doing it. Hmm.

The Butt-Memory was removed from the site, but have a look at this: defminirecords Butt-Memory
Greetz, backbord

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