Deja vu - cleavage trick coincidence or recycled?

It was only yesterday that we posted that Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm wonderbra ad, but it seems it needs to be sent to the badland corner for a bit.

Last year this double-page spread which was a finalist at the One Show and Cannes Lions, sold naughty nothings in the middle east. How do you do that? Show nothing! (more inside)

TBWARAAD cleverly printed 'skin' texture on the magazines pages, leaving a black silk bookmark in the middle to act like a thong, whisper with a tiny headline "thongs and things" for the client Bendan, and presto - ad communicates without showing anything. Clever.


The wonderbra ad is on the same wavelength of not showing anything, but it uses that old "pen-trick". Supposedly, one sticks a pen under the breast to see if one has saggy boobs, because if it stays there some reckon you do. By putting the pen in the middle they demonstrate what a wonderbra does to all girls worried enough about gravity to try strange pen-tricks.