Designer // Slash // Model - words from the pretty people.


Designer // Slash // Model - words from the pretty people.


Omg, these MODEL SLASH DESIGNERS are making me laugh. "Perfect people make perfect design". Chaz is "The original pixelfucker", Gunther has some wise words for you, Chrissy is just so cool, y'all. And when you've uploaded your own gorgeous face get the T-shirt.

Another thing that gave me a serious case of the giggles today - typographic irony: Precisely What the Author Had in Mind


Hmmm...pity they can't spell or use English to save their lives - "see passed it"? "wolrd"?

"like a do-it-yourself manual for Frontal Lobotomy"

Hehehe, did you see Schnauss in the haus?

Dear Schnauss, Many of your quotes having spelling mistakes, I'm not sure if it's meant to be like that or not... - Fox
One Designer/Slash/Model's mistake is another Designer/Slash/Model's subconscious ingenuity. Traditional spelling is Fascist and often results in poor kerning. Never self-restrict. Letters are mere shapes like trees or poodles. If the poodle looks better in the tree than beside it then so be it. Rebember - desngi cna chnaeg the wolrd.

"Thinking outside the box is so passé..." stop it, you're killing me...

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