Desktop jockey causes havoc with image of female genitalia in ad for fish gratin

Resume reports on a rather unusual image-theft gaffe that appeared in an ad printed in Nyheterna paper in Oscarshamn. Someone somewhere had yanked an image off the web where they should have placed an image of Findus Fiskgratäng, with this image of Findus Fittgratäng, which is not made of fish at all if you scrutinize the NSFW image. The Swedish word "Fitta" means exactly what you think it means.

"We have a studio that works with (making the ads), and this particular image has in some way been fetched from the internet. It's crazy and should not happen at all." said Ulf Carlsson to Aftonbladet newspaper when this gaffe made national news.

Findus fiskgratäng is a classic dish that has been made by Findus for 50 years this year, it's a simple gratin made with Alaska pollock, mashed potato and a mild dill sauce. Lets hope this little case of image theft wasn't just a clever way of getting the ignored 50th anniversary some attention, because lord knows I just lost my appetite.