DEVO make something for everybody with Devolution Reality show


The blurb tells us that; "After years in their hermetically sealed bubble of artistic integrity, the new wave group Devo is ready to begin delivering a product that everybody will enjoy -- a reality series."
(this artistic integrity brought us such gems like The Powerpuff Girls: Heroes and Villains soundtrack, by the way. )

A reality series? Yep. Devo have a little too much fun mocking the whole idea of something for everybody, and come up with a gem of a billboard that suits everyone in this little clip below, where they go to Waco Texas to use the town as a focus group. People like blue, soft and sex. What should the billboard look like? Ha!

The pilot documents the typically private process of creation and marketing of the Devo brand, in which profound statements on the world we live in mix with the inherent absurdity of modern life. Tune in at every Tuesday starting 6/15, when you can also purchase the new focus-group approved record "Something for Everybody".

They even have some fun testing the desert.

Mother New York are involved in this. Of course!

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  • miconian's picture

    I'm surprised and disappointed that Jack White is participating in this campaign.

    Jun 14, 2010

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