Diesel invites five agencies to pitch - or six?


Diesel - considered by many to be the most fun account to grab - is on the pitch.

Invited to pitch for their account are: Paradiset in Stockholm, who created the current image of Diesel from the ground up, Cave Arnholt Jonason in London, with Joakim Jonason who founded Paradiset, Mother in London, KesselsKramer in Amsterdam and Devarrieux Villaret from Paris. The 19th of January these agencies will show their work to Maurizio Marchiori and late January Diesel will announce who they choose to co-operate with. Best of luck to the pitchees - please save the Diesel image before it dies a slow ironic death.

On friday the 12th of January Adformatie in Holland published news about this pitch.

They claim:"Niet alle participanten aan de pitch zijn bekend." = Not all agencies of the pitch are known. They also claim that Cave Arnholt Jonason is a "Swedish agency" despite the founders being Swedish, British and Dutch and the agency is situated in London. Finger on the pulse peeps!

They write that two London Agencies are invited to the pitch, Mother being one of them and the other one is "still unknown".

I have to add to this: When I called and asked Diesel straight out who was pitching, the five agencies I mention were the ones that Diesel gave me names of.

There were earlier rumours in December regarding a third London agency invited to this pitch but since Diesel did not confirm this I assume that they are not still in the pitch.

One never knows. Perhaps it's an agency like BBH - and the politics of current jean-clients will not allow them to pitch on another jeans client while the first one is still with the agency.... But that is of course just a guess and not based in reality at all. ;) We'll keep looking... You know, I bet it's a French agency or something like that.

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