Digg alikes in the ad world


There are - so far - two "digg-alikes" in our online adworld. First is marktd "marketing news for marketers by marketers" created by Piers Fawkes and the psfk-posse, and now there's also adveracio.us (with a cute nod the del.icio.us url) created by Reid a self-described "adblog, ad news junkie ."

Both of these sites are a place to collect and aggregate ad and marketing news, social bookmarking digg-style. You login, and add all the things you find interesting and if other users like it too, they mark it up. High scores collect on the front page. So if you have an 'insatiable appetite for advertising news' - try adveracio.us out, ditto for marketing news at marktd.

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