Dirtier than they thought.

David LaChappelle's latest video "Dirrty" with Christina Aguilera is a lot dirtier than they initially thought.

Raunchy images of Christina Aguilera dancing isn't the scandal, neither are her exposed buttcheeks or sucking of bottles.. It's the posters in the background added by some set Art Director that doesn't read Thai.

"I had absolutely no knowledge that this poster contained such offensive words, and I sincerely regret the insult." said David LaChappelle.


"Thailand is a beautiful country with a long cultural history that I truly respect. I would never intentionally do anything to insult the people of Thailand. Please accept my deepest apologies." Davids statement continued.

The text in the poster behind Christina reads "Thailand's Sex Tourism" and "Young Underage Girls".

In response to protests in Thailand, Aguilera's Thai label has prohibited the video's play on local television stations, according to a BMG International spokesperson.

The Thai government said it would take action if the video proves to be damaging to the country's reputation, according to the Associated Press, but didn't specify how or to what extent.

We suggest they make prostitution illegal in thailand, it might be a step in the right direction..... mebbe. It'll clear that tainted image right off. In any case, it's a heck of a lot more effective than complaining to MTV for referencing it.

Christina wasn't available for comment as she had something stuck in her throat.

The rolling Stones site has the Video btw.

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