the disk is back


the disk is back

The IBM disk finally arrived now, so that re-uploading all our 12 gigabytes of film has finally started. It will take a some time unfortunately - super adgrunts - you have all gotten 30 free days on your memberships, so you won't time out while we rebuild. One extra month of commercial surfing to make up for the two weeks of no films. Thanks for your support.

the old IBM disk has been sent to IBM Scotland, where they will do their best to salvage the data. Yes, that disk is the backup disk, which is why saving it's data is so important to us here.

our ISP webpartner have still not replied to our mail regarding the temperature in the co-lo. The co-lo is rather warm. Check out our old fan. One week it took to make the plastic shrink of heat, the circular burnmark to appear and the blade break off.

but hey, it's not hot in their serverroom. right.

we will soon be back to normal. Thankyou for your patience people. :) It far outreaches mine.

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