Do kids know the differece between friends and brands at Myspace?


That brands as well as bands have their own myspace pages isn't new, Caffeinegoddess has already showed us that there are a lot of brands at myspace, hanging around making friends like everyone else. This morning when I was reading a Swedish newspaper Myspace was described as "Murdoc's advertising site". With all this intermingling between buddies and brands, can kids tell them apart? Wonder what it's like growing up today.

Stefanie Olsen writes MySpace blurs line between friends and flacks at c|net.

Media literacy experts say parents need to be aware of advertising tactics online and try to educate their kids about ads. Posing questions to kids like, "Who is behind this game, video or message, and what is their motive?"

"We need to work harder to recognize the new strategies used to reach into their psyches," said Hobbs.

Personally, I just wonder how long it will take before Myspace becomes a complete echo chamber with marketers shilling only to other marketers as all the real people moved on to virgin territory. ;) A week? Two?

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