Do you have UK Style?


So anyone a fan of French Connection? The brand apparently partnered with Sears to launch UK Style by French Connection ( for affordable (dare I say fashionable?) clothing.

I'll be honest -- the clothes is actually good! And they have plenty of men's looks to choose from, which is a plus since many designer houses that pair with mass chains often forget about the men!

In addition, they are celebrating the partnership on a road trip tour, and at the end, UK Style will be giving away a mini cooper! You read right, they are giving away a mini cooper!

Just go to and click on the "Win The Tour Car" tab and follow the instructions. It's that simple.

And you can keep up with their Prince William and Kate impersonators during the road trip on Facebook or You may end up in one of their photos on Facebook.

Let me conclude this by saying, I love this advertising/marketing idea! Get good looking people on the street to pimp out your brand.

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