Do you love Copperplate Gothic Bold?


Do you love Copperplate Gothic Bold?


Here's something for you font nerds to enjoy. gives love to Copperplate Gothic Bold.


Well, I have to admit it's what I use for my Davies Editorial letterhead. A big mwah to CGB!

jebus that's awfully funny.

There was a wonderful scene in American Psycho centered around business cards and copperplate. (The scene without the chainsaw.)

Copperplate gothic bold is everywhere - I personally like the font myself, but the site is absolutely hysterical. Great find caffeinegoddess!

I take it back. My letterhead actually uses Conga at the moment. (It's essentially StarOffice's version of Copperplate.) I think it was originally Copperplate, but I lost the font off my system when it crashed, and Conga was the nearest replacement.

Just looked in my Fonts folder and it's over 1000, so Copperplate is probably in there again.

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