Dog Judo is gonna getcha - woof!


Dog Judo is gonna getcha - woof!


Virgin Mobile is out with a new series of cooky clips, called Dog Judo. The campaign for christmas camera phones stretches from posters to the web, James Kydd, brand director for Virgin Mobile, said: "Our Christmas camera phone print campaign is all about taking snapshots during humorously named, unmissable events - from 'Nuns on Ice' to 'Topless Trampolining'. When we saw the animated characters created by 12foot6, a 'Dog Judo' event fitted perfectly with both the camera phone campaign and our brand's renowned sense of humour. So we agreed to sponsor a funny new web-exclusive animation series from 12foot6."

Watch 'Ruff' Rex Hunter and 'Barking' Bob Bones get it on at Dog


That's not proper Judo. I'm a judo-purist.

I know Karate, Judo, and 47 other dangerous words.

There's a funny html version of Rexleys noisebox here:

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