Doggelganger software is here. Find your perfect dog-match.

We know that dogs look like their owners (and so do the ads), but how does it happen? With Doggelganger , you can seek out your canine-lookalike, and adopt a dog just like you. It takes a while to load, but with silly lines like: Loading Bonery language (heehee) and the futuristic interface that arrives later, it's worth the wait. Turn on your webcam, or find an image where you look straight ahead, and seek out your perfect dog-match.

All dogs shown are up for adoption, this is a very clever way for Pedigree adoption drive to get people to look at which pups they have in need of a new home. Can someone please get me a ticket to Auckland? There's a mastiff greyhound mix there that I've just fallen in puppy-love with. I need to pick her up stat.