Dolce & Gabbana introduce the new male cleavage -

The Malcontent shows off the new Dolce ad exclaiming Sweet!.

Ah, yes had I not been happily hooked up with the worlds sexiest man I would be so tempted to play reverse wedgie on all the boys jeans here and pull 'em straight down. WhooHoo! It's just something about a good set of external obliques that simply screams "look further down" to us ladies, as if it's a giant arrow. Or perhaps that's just me. Oh my, these poor lads are simply sex objects in my eyes.. I don't think I even saw their faces. Do they have faces? Do you think Dolce and Gabbana have gone too far now that they are showing the tuft of pubic hair? It's like the male answer to the 2003 Gucci pubic hair advert.

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    ps - isn't it glaringly obvious to everyone that if you look at the lad on the far right and follow the external obliques arrow pointing down you'll see ... well tell me, what do you see?

    Aug 26, 2005

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