Donny Deutsch beach shots gets Jeison Rodriguez fired and then hired.

Way back in Feb Gareth Kay posted some leaked glamor-shots of Donny Deutsch, comparing him to David Brent from The Office. "Well an email is spreading like wildfire featuring various shots of your friend and mine, Donny Deutsch."

This email, and other like it is getting the sender in trouble - actually it got him fired. Art Director Jeison Rodriguez got the boot for emailing the bikini-shot AdFreak reports.
Now, one may wonder many things after seeing this, for one why in the hell would Donny keep giving his Art Directors pictures of himself that make him look a total twat since they keep ending up being circulated? Or...maybe this is all part of a viral campaign to get people to watch his craptracular show?
Jeison Rodriguez isn't hurting at all though, after getting fired for emailing around said images he simply went on to email more images and got job offers from places where balls and a high degree of assholeness are required traits. None of these offers panned out though, but Jeison is happy with his freelance gig while he waits for the right steady gig to come along.

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    Why are Donny bikini pictures being kept - allegedly - on the company server? That is weird.....

    Apr 29, 2005

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