Don't piss around with another man's motor...


Don't piss around with another man's motor...


...or the Gangs of London will be all over you.

This viral video for the launch of PSP's new game 'Gangs of London' shows organised Gangs starting a new craze flooding the streets. It's a social phenomenon which is overtaking graffiti as the crime du jour.

Watch the clip here!

It was conceived and produced by Maverick with Viral tracking by The Viral Chart


We need this?

MaverickViral have never commented.. I wonder if they ever read the comments they get, I don't recall anyone saying anything positive about their work that they post.

I love that they think we should we care about who is doing the viral tracking for this. Lame piece. Not shocking. Not funny. Not viral.

perhaps I should install a small block, no comments = no posts?

I think you should. Seems some people won't ever understand that this is a community unless you whack them over the head with it. Least they could do is respond to comments on their work.

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