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Tony Kaye has already taken the spot "stand up comedian". He's currently touring New York dressing up as Bin Ladin according to the Guardian. Many hope the FBI or CIA will mistake him for the real thing. Others laugh with him. We think.

"He has turned a homeless man into a living work of art, taken out a full-page ad declaring himself Britain's greatest film director since Alfred Hitchcock and issued a fatwa against Bacardi. But this time Britain's most eccentric ad man has really excelled himself.

For the past few days, Tony Kaye has been touring New York comedy clubs posing as Osama bin Laden in a bizarre attempt to diffuse some of the tension surrounding the war with Afghanistan.

Mr Kaye has spent weeks perfecting a comedy routine that involves him dressing up as bin Laden and performing a sketch based on the terrorist leader.

Perhaps surprisingly, the act appears to have gone down well in New York and Mr Kaye is now headed for Boston, where he hopes to perform tomorrow night.

Not known for his modesty, Mr Kaye has compared the stunt to Charlie Chaplin's Hitler impersonations in his landmark satire, The Great Dictator, claiming people should be able to laugh at bin Laden."

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