"Don't take risks with your wonga!" The Dangers of Penoplasty


"Don't take risks with your wonga!" The Dangers of Penoplasty

To see this funny movie visit the link below:





This is funny?

Not if you ask me, but I'm guessing I'm not the target.


The First Post had this to say about it:

This viral for Virgin Money is, by contrast, utterly pathetic. Ooh-er, it's a penis joke. Guy has penis enlargement operation. Busty nurse causes erection, mayhem ensues.

"Enjoy your money but don't overextend yourself," drones a voiceover. Overextend yourself, geddit? It's just an ad with a dick in it, embarrassingly Lower Sixth.

Exaggeration is the top tool in the comedy toolbox (a pun almost as crass as the ad, I'm afraid) but c'mon, guys, you don't have to exaggerate exaggeration.

The agency will say, sniffily, "Well, this is the sort of humour our target audience responds to."

Bollocks. Even guys between 18 and 25 aren't this puerile. To be funny, an idea needs to be fresh - to have a different take on life. Sid James has been dead 10 years and he's fresher than this.

And for those superadgrunts, it's also here in the archive for posterity sake.

hear hear!


Humour is subjective.

In other words, TDD, you find this crap funny. You're not by chance a 12 year old boy are you?


Did I say I found it funny? I don't think so. MaverickViral seems to think it funny, though. As I said, humour is subjective.

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