Don't worry, there is someone on it - and it's me as usual.


Don't worry, there is someone on it - and it's me as usual.

Greetings adgrunts, from your very tired hostmaster. The machine we run here has recently been updated to Red Hat 5.3 and since then quirky issues have been slowing the machine down to a crawl. You've probably noticed. I've been up all hours trying to peg what's been going wrong and changes things in php, mysql, and this site's CMS like nuts to try and fix things. I might have finally solved it. I'm still keeping an eye on things and if I can afford to, I will be buying more ram (don't count on that though, I'm skint.)

Meanwhile, I'm rebuilding the wonky search. 5% of the site has been indexed. There are 49775 items left to index. Since the site is large, this may take a while (read at least 2 days)


I've caved and ordered new ram by the way. 4GM extra ram a month = £60 a month. That's £720 a year. You're welcome.

(Yes I know that sounds really expensive but it comes with a posse of people who, just this morning for example, restarted the server and investigated what was wrong with it (memory loss) so in that sense it's ossom because I could actually sleep in on a Saturday morning for once!)

Ram upgrade is scheduled for 3:30 PM GMT to 4:00 pm GMT today by the way.

We have ram! Feel the speed kids? No, neither do I.

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