The double page spread phenomenon.

Remember that Wonderbra and Bendan ad pairing, which even ended up in Resumé (sadly without a link back)? Researcher set out to prove that this idea of using the double-page spread as a vital part of the ad idea isn't that unusual, he took a dip in his ad collection and came back with all of these....

More inside! This is fun - and just for fun. I don't think any of the pairings were aware of the other.

Bendans thong is better than Triumph's thong in my humble opinion - here we have two thongs in the spread.


But this clever use of the spread isn't reserved for underwear, here's a pair of televisions.


OK, we get it, that flat screen is really flat. Smart.

For wonderbra we have these two - one is interactive like the Brendan thong, the other just uses a strategically placed pen.


And here's two that I don't quite get - I can't read the brand name but it's probably a Prepration-X type deal.

This proves nothing except that all creatives minds are in the gutter. ;)

edit: oops, first comment reminded me that I forgot to add this always ad. Yeah, they're thin. Got it.

extra credit - see the piercing idea where the staples in the gutter 'pierce' a woman's nipples

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  • penpusher's picture

    The challenge always is, when dealing with a format... "what is it?" and "what can it be?"

    Clearly, the fold of a magazine is a crack, so that's too easy. The wonderbra one is as brilliant as it gets, because it actually "demonstrates" the product.

    It's a good idea to try to make use of the fold, but these creatives aren't thinking deeply enough. I guess if the people behind the next Tampax campaign place a little white string in there, we'll know they've gone too far.

    Feb 27, 2007
  • alex's picture

    The stone and the cactus - I read the brand name as Bisolax which, without any great experience of the subject, I'm guessing is a laxative. For bison.

    Feb 27, 2007
  • areia's picture

    I thought it read earwax. Your idea is more appealing, and I'm sure has a bigger market.

    Mar 01, 2007