Dragon Lady Causes a Bit of Trouble in Czechoslovakia

Starobrno's Cerveny Drak (Red Dragon) beer ad. Topless tattooed woman. Middle finger. Advertising standards. Good times. I'm sold. Czech out the Prague Post story (includes pic, of course). Tasty, or tasteless?

I want that poster. And a beer.

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  • tlevitz's picture

    Let me get this straight, under their standards, you can't say beer will improve either your sex or social life?

    But can you imply it?

    Jeeze, talk about working with both hands tied behind your back. Heehee.

    So this says "tough girls drink Red Dragon?" Kick ass!!! It's about time.

    Apr 24, 2003
  • anonymous's picture

    ...even better - nekked tough girls.

    Amen, sister.

    Apr 24, 2003

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