The dream team

An account director gets into a black cab with two bin liners.

"'Ello, mate," says the cabbie. "Just been sacked then?"

"No", says the account director. "I announced that I was leaving to set up my own agency, and they had me escorted off the premises."

"Sweet!" says the chirpy driver, "I read the trade press in your business, you know. Oh yeah, I have a few investments in the industry. Who are you setting up with?"

The account director leans forward, pleased to have an audience.

"Heard of David Abbott?"

The cab swerves and nearly hits a pavement.

"Wot? Not David Abbott, founder of Abbott Mead Vickers and one of the most revered copywriters of all time?"

The account bloke blushes. " Dave Abbott of Dave Abbott's wet fish deliveries."

The cabbie's face falls.

"Who else?" he asks.

"An American called Jay Chiat."

"Strewth! The legendary founder of Chiat/Day? How'd you get him out of retirement?"

"Ah. Not him, actually. This is Jay Chiat of Big Jay's burger stand on the Strand."


The account director leans forward and says, "But we do have Bill Hamilton."

"Right," says the cabbie cynically, "Not the creative director of JWT?"

"Yeah. Him."

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