Driving SUVs promote terrorism?

First there were ads linking doing drugs to supporting Terrorists. Now there are ads linking driving an SUV to supporting Terrorists. The two ads are already generating controversy even before they begin airing.

A group opposed to U.S. reliance on foreign oil are behind the 30-second ads, which their creator said are intended to be humorous parodies.

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One commercial features a child's voiceover connecting the dots between a man filling his gas tank and terrorist training footage. The closing statement: "Oil money supports some terrible things. What kind of mileage does your SUV get?"

The other ad features talking heads commenting about their SUVs. One person says, "My kids think it's cool." Another says, "I helped blow up a nightclub."

The Detroit Project was created by Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars, a group co-founded by Huffington, film producer Lawrence Bender, environmental activist Laurie David, and movie and TV agent Ari Emanuel.

The $50,000 cost of creating the ads was covered by thousands of individual small contributions. Major donors contributed the $175,000 to buy air time.

The ads, written and directed by Scott Burns, who was part of the creative team responsible for the "Got Milk" campaign, will air this Sunday on "Face the Nation" and "Meet the Press."

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The funny thing about this is earlier this evening while watching something on tv (I don't remember the show or channel), there was an ad with Cameron Diaz and Gwenyth Paltrow doing a "candid" spot talking about how using low energy lightbulbs and switching to a hybrid type car would help lessen the US dependency on foreign oil. Sadly the ad might have been slightly more effective if it wasn't completely obvious that they were reading off cue-cards. ;)

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