The Droid Stealth ad as seen by The Essayist: "What the hell waits inside these unholy capsules?"


Wags review has an article by Will Litton called "Google is butchering the written word" or, “How to Buy PEX Tubing Online”. The first pages describe the Google/Verizon Droid commercial "stealth pods" in a way I wish scripts were actually written sometimes - it's worth to read the article for that alone. Can we make it an adland tradition to write all our TV scripts like this on April 1st? Please?

Five menacing stealth-bomber-esque jets fly in a V-formation above a thick overlay of clouds. Their bellies open to reveal an arsenal of sinisterly stylized meteorite-like drop pods, which release from their hatches and rocket towards the earth. The pods’ scorching entry into the troposphere is witnessed by a montage of dumbfounded, small town folks. These are folks of admirably simple means—Idahoans, let’s say—real salt-of-the-earth types: cattlemen, woodsmen, men on the road, et al. (The one female witness is attractive in a potato-fed kind of way.) These are good people watching something potentially horrifying. The pods strike violently into the earth, leaving wide craters in their wake, sending ranch horses dashing away in that peculiar kind of fear frenzy that only a horse can effectively exhibit. Our Idahoans slowly approach the smoking hollows, wary of what they will find

The ad in question.

Gee, and all I had to say about it was "I hope this aired while the Leonid meteor shower was active lighting up the sky."

For those too time-pressed to read their way to Your Essayist points, he has a good one in there. Google Search in combination of google adwords (and everyones need&greed) basically encourages the creation if lots of shitty sites that play uninformed keyword bingo in order to get to the top of the search results for any given term. There's always been low quality content, but the easy money in them now breeds them.

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