Drop Dead Gorgeous


Drop Dead Gorgeous

Your photos also look like advertisements where something has gone terribly wrong. How does your work reference advertising?

I guess the presence of the brand is what turns into an advertisement. It is inevitable to think back to images in television or magazines. I think if you actually slapped a slogan on top of it would even work.

Drop Dead Gorgeous


...and the slogan to slap on would be "just do it"?

Some interesting images there, must admit that death by bananas had me laughing.

"Milk's favorite cookie" for Death by Oreos

"What is it about the green ones?" for Death by M&Ms

"For that stormy breath" for Death by Lifesavers

"Slim-Fast way of life" for Death by Slim Fast

"Melts in your mouth, not in your hands" for Death by M&Ms

"You and Betty Crocker can bake someone happy" for Death by cake

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