Eat your ads or there will be no dessert!


Pringles and Hasbro have put their heads together and come up with a novel idea, trivial pursuit questions printed on Pringles. The words are made by food coloring sprayed on the crisp and the answers are on the same side of the crisp as the question - don't eat it before you answer. You must pop and then stop - new rules - before you eat.

Did I see some bulbs go off there in the dark? Advertising on food is nothing new, remember when Robblink yelled "Waiter! There's an ad in my soup!", there are ads jammed between your sandwiches, pizza in the DVDs and Clorox on peoples pizza, ads in your Tokitos and all sorts of unappetizing combinations. Soon there will be messages on everything we eat, hear, see or smell and I'm sure assaulting a few more senses as we discover them. ESP ads for ESPN perhaps?

More about the Pringles at & Buffalonews (reg. req.). Via .

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    So does this mean Hasbro will create all-new dumbed-down questions for the idiots who eat Pringles?

    I shouldn't talk. I was stumped by the last Cracker Jack 'prize/mind-numbing activity' I came across. What are those people thinking? The only people who eat Cracker Jack are kids and high-as-kite teens, both of which have no chance of successfully creating a tetrahedron with three folds of paper.

    Jun 09, 2004

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