Elephant logo not dressed for safe sex


(Reuters reports) - Thai community groups wanted to use a logo featuring two elephants having sex for next year's World AIDS conference in Bangkok but the plan was criticised by health authorities because the bull was not using a condom.

"The logo fails to convey any meaning," Dr Sombat Tanprasertsuk of the Thai government's disease control department was quoted as saying in the Nation newspaper on Tuesday.

"There is only one message which people will get: that community workers are obsessed with sex. And it doesn't show the male elephant wearing a condom."

The official logo for the meeting depicts three elephants standing in a line. Apparantly, a graphic enough depiction to be able see the lack of condom. Symbolic logos are out... ;)

Nation Multi Media also weighs in. The choice quote:

"I didn't see any obscenity in our logo. We have the same kind of images on several temple walls, Chumpol Apisuk said.

bbc news also reports about the by now infamous elephant logo.

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