Elite Designers against Ikea campaign

Elite Designers against Ikea

The big blue place is odious, its affordable design is sickeningly shallow and we loathe it even more than we loathe football. Please join us in our unqualified hatred.

Call van der Puups number and you'll be greeted with a "funny accent" message +44 (0) 20 7729 4636 - a little reminiscent of Ugoff - the great pouch designer. This campaign is supported by commercials, posters and press where van den Puup headlines with the choice quote: "Ikea, you disgust me to my kidneys".

What is with this accent-trend? Even the blogging 90-foot woman had one on her answering machine. Is it to hide not-so-funny copywriting? Y'all realize that bad imitations of foreign accents doesn't automatically make flat jokes funny, right? File under: jumped the shark already.

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