"emotional bond with batteries"


"emotional bond with batteries"


Acme Idea Co just produced three new duracell ads that shall help consumers develop a personal connection to their batteries. Outrageously daring, one spot shows a boy reading by flashlight while the next scene shows the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group wearing Duracell-powered headlamps. What a twist!

Acme Idea co states: "Most consumers don't have an emotional connection to their batteries, and with this campaign we hope to change that."

You know why we don't have an emotional connection to our batteries - we have to throw them away when we're done*.

*or recycle.

"...Along with the new ads, DURACELL has changed the chemical composition of its COPPERTOP and ULTRA batteries. The new makeup will allow the batteries to last longer, Davin said." .. Notice how he had to kick that old proposition in there at the end, just to be safe.

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