Epic b3ta pwnage of uncouth viral seeding attempt.

Class, pay attention, this B3ta thread starts out as a great example of how not to seed work on the web, as Axelk was revealed as working for 7th chamber and Paddy Power in five comments flat. Ends with a pretty decent show on how to man up and admit ones defeat, as Axelk turns around buys ad-placement in the b3ta newsletter. Good show. Choice quotes below, but y'all should really the thread, it's epic.

this is not very clever
you are a marketing bot
i wasn't questioning wether you are human...
so answer THIS question directly:

NO. I honestly thought it was funny,. sorry about this guys. Geeez! ~( axelk)

So your username axelk - that's clearly you on twitter - @axelk.

It's also your LinkedIn username handily: uk.linkedin.com/in/axelk

Current: Viral content seeder at The 7th Chamber
Let's check their website.
Latest clients: Paddy Power

SURPRISING. Why are you lying? ~(DefyingDarwin)

*grabs popcorn* ~( cr3)

I think that's a case where a "pwned!" is well deserved~( frox)

Good detective work
Edit: Perhaps a few of us hitting the "thumbs down" button on the Youtube video might stop them from posting their work here.
( Rusty Shackleford)

a day later, on twitter.. needless to say, if you need social media 'help' we are usually really good :)

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