Ethical advice group bans sexist ads

ERK the ethical advice group have been real busy banning ads lately. The infamous Spank fashion ad and the bad body-pun ad from Pentax were both banned for passing the line of what is acceptable and clearly against the ICCs International code of advertising practice. .
Tara Förlag was also slapped on the wrist for making bad ads - their campaign for their womans magazine "strengthens prejudice and support an old-fashioned view on the genders stereotypical roles. The campaign is thus demeaning to men and women in general which is against the ICC rules."
It was the copy that killed it, lines on the back of the ads read: "Whatever women do they must work twice as hard as men to get half the praise. Luckily, that's easy." and "All men are looking for the ideal woman - after the wedding". Tara Förlag said the lines were intended to be funny, but that didn't sway the jury of ERK.