Euro takes the dollar - ad banned in Moscow.


Euro takes the dollar - ad banned in Moscow.


Izvestia writes that this ad, from the Russian Finance magazine was banned with immediate effect in Moscow. The poster company had to tear down a 100 posters overnight after receiving a stern letter from Igor Presnyakov, chairman of the Moscow Committee for advertising and information.
Igor (and probably anyone else who saw it) thought the image depicted a sex scene, while the magazines publisher said: "I thought the currencies were dancing on our poster". A cossack dance, maybe....


I'm not current on my money porn or anatomy, but I think they're two dudes!

Money money money.. It's so funny... In an ad mans world.

The visual gives new meaning to "money shot".

They took these down? This ad is GREAT! And I don't even need to know what the line reads.

....What does the line say?

Oh, sorry.

The line reads sortof - "The magazine about making money" - you can read it as This is how you make (more) money"

so hey, the line is good too. ;)

You speak Russian too now?

I dunno, it looks like the Euro is butt-fucking the dollar to me.

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

How many languages does Dabitch speak?

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