The Eurobest Badlanders

Big Bubbles
Scared Mannequin Dolls
Sumo Wrestlers

The Eurobest Badlanders


You can't have an award show without at least a few repeat images, and thanks to Joelapompe the French Badland-ninja, we have three.

Lets start with the Big Bubbles , since the image of kids crying over shaven heads in this Angel Hair Badlander was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. Joelapompe found the same idea, one-upping me on the visual memory meter.

The Harvey Nichols Sale campaign might be a second hand idea as well.

Last but not least, a sumo wrestler and tornado in notes, then the same two in Duracell bunnies. What an odd visual coincidence the Duracell batteries vs the Göteborg Symfoniker Orchestra is.


If it' was once a good idea it'll be twice as good if you redo it

What is with the sumo wrestlers? Are they trying to conjure up "powerful"? Big fat guys aren't the first things I think of.

I find the sync of the red dresses on pale mannequins the funniest.

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