Even more Future Lions entries - peek into the future!

Future Lions 2011 Entries

Here is a set of Future Lions entries I have managed to dig out from all over the web. Some of the ideas are purely fantastic, some of them are not - well, here it's you who judge. Enjoy watching!

btw., I haven't put them in any particular order, so if you are the author of e.g. the last video don't hate me :)

First video is an idea for Dunkin' Donuts:

Second is for iPad, though I am not sure if it's an advertising idea (still wonderful stuff really):

iSense from Kikki Tham Sterner on Vimeo.

Third is made to make quitting smoking a lil bit easier:

Future Lions - The Game of Death from johan rude on Vimeo.

What follows is a reality show that features burgers:

Future Lions - The Burger Reality Show from Sergio & Julián on Vimeo.

Sixth idea is for Arriva:

The Arriva Dashboard - AKQA Future Lions from Tom Hoad on Vimeo.

Seventh video for Volkswagen:

NIGHT DRIVER from Ce on Vimeo.

8 (I know, I am getting lazy now): Nike

Nike Playmaker from Shahak Shapira on Vimeo.

9: Kindle

Amazon Kindle Story Maker from Nicolas Mizrahi on Vimeo.

10: McDonalds

Burger Roulette from Shahak Shapira on Vimeo.

11: My Red Pet

Future Lions - My Red Pet from Sonia F. & Julián Q. on Vimeo.

12: WWF

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - Rescue Booth from Alex Nassour on Vimeo.

Ok, that's it for now. What do you think of these?


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