Everyday Sneakers Viral Spoof


Everyday Sneakers Viral Spoof


Paris-based Mask has created a spoof viral campaign for 'Everyday Sneakers', for Courir, a French sports shoe retailer. The virals feature a fictional Japanese businessman, Takeshi Mushido, who claims having all his staff wear sneakers is the secret to success.

The site features a two-and-a-half-minute spoof interview with Mushido on the fictional 'World Business Show', promoting his book. Other areas of the site contain an explanation of Mushido's philosophy, along with graphs proving his theory works and wallpapers to download.

There will also be guerrilla marketing featuring Mushido on the streets of Paris.


'Cause nobody can do it like Mix Master Mushido.
I already feel 60% more productive.

Like it. Not that, as a Chicagoan, I can shop at Courir.

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