Everything is back to normal - Damn!


Everything is back to normal - Damn!

we are back! And this is no thanks to Bahnhof.se the internet provider I ordered a line from in late June - to be delivered July 1. Obviously, that didn't happen. The server is back up now thanks to Tatti and Janne from Artech.se, Tatti drove across the country to pick my server up, and Artech delivers. Remember that when you are looking for hosting.

Over the phone I spoke to Johan at Bahnhof and repeatedly asked "can you get the line in by July 1?" he declared "Yes! Not a problem, just sign the contract and we'll get going.", which obviously means something else in his language. I signed a two year contract and sent it to them, when no line was installed I called, emailed, SMS'd to the point of stalking - but did not get an answer to what exactly was causing this delay until July 18. Then Johan, who had been unavailable most of the time (myth of sweden: six weeks paid vacation is true, you can not get anything done in the summer) sent me an email explaining that foreigners like me (ie: not living in Sweden) had to go through another process to get the line installed. It's not like I didn't tell him I was abroad every single time I called. It's not like I didn't bring that up the first time we spoke on the phone asking if this would be a problem. So if you are looking for internet/hosting or co-location solution - do not waste your time with Bahnhof. But that is their loss of 94800 SKR which is what the two year contract I ordered was worth. You'd think for that money, they'd be a little less slow and stupid. To the rescue came Tatti and Janne from Artech.se, Tatti who is co-moderator of our swedish endolist drove a car up to where the server was located and dragged it down to Skövde and Artech's server room, going above and beyond the call of duty in order to get my server back online as she has full understanding that large sites are important to more than one person (the client), but also all the users of the site. Now the endopage can go back online as well. If you are looking to co-locate, look at Artech! And if you are living in Sweden and want another internet provider, these be the guys to call too.

Don't worry abot the dafties at Bahnhof, I have already told them they are fools fools fools. I on the other hand got grey hairs and an ulcer while trying to straighten this mess out. Not only did my server get forced offline (due to dot-com death) way sooner than expected or planned for, I also picked up and moved away from Amsterdam. You can now find me across the pond - In New York.

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