Everything now goes on the front page, and the topics have been slimmed down.


Everything now goes on the front page, and the topics have been slimmed down.

Hey kids. I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning that hopefully will help people be less confused with all the choices, choices when they attempt to post something. Simplifying step#1 - everything now goes on the front page (well, except adforum posts). This is partly to make the full enchilada feed carry everything we post (it only carries front page posts), and partly to show new visitors that indeed there's new stuff here all the time.

This makes our little 'sections' in the left hand menu work a little better too. Want only the 'blog' type news and gossip? Adland it is then. Want to check if your commercial, radio ad or poster/ambient has hit the site yet? Well there you go. And even though I admit I don't post many Badlanders these days, Badland also carries recently banned ads news.

Our odd little collection of topics had grown far too organic and strange, we even had names like "marquis de sad" just because Alex thought it was funny at some point. This doesn't make much sense when you are posting something though, so we've slimmed it down to the following (for 'story' posts): Ad awards and meetups, marrying 'awards' and 'networking/datespecific', ad gossip, Adland exclusive merging 'scoop' with our interviews and spotlights on, adrants, advertising jokes - anything funny can go here. Advertising news - this one ate a bunch of other badly named topics, it might make sense to sort it into subtopics such as PR, or copywriting down the line - but right now we need a catch all term and this is it. announcement - a place where you announce stuff like mergers and new jobs. contest & games - sometimes it's our competition, other times it's a game somewhere else we want you to see. Marketing mishaps, yeah when things go wrong. Viral or youtube embedded films and other types of virals. Web & Banners, new developments on the web is advertising too.

You probably won't be posting in the following topics, Press clipping about Adland, is our scrap book of Adland's 15 megabytes of fame. Site news about Adland is where I bore y'all with posts like this. And reviews superbowl bonanza changed it's name to superbowl commercials reviews & news because that is what it is.

I'm also still working on making it possible for adgrunts to upload their own work for automagick postings - just like the one step mp3 upload and post of Radio ads that even my mother managed to figure out how to use (though that says nothing has she's had a computer-related career, heh).

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