Ex-figure skaters make spiffy boxers (and killer ratings).


So what's sweet ol' Tonya Harding been up to since her failed Olympic scheme in '94?*

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Well, in January 2000, she ditched her truck.* A month later, she assaulted her boyfriend.* In October 2001, she appeared on The Weakest Link, but didn't make it past the second round.* Then in January of this year, she got evicted from her house for failing to pay rent.* And of course, there was that little slip with her private wedding night video a few years back (search for it on Gnutella or Limewire if you're curious).*

What's a poor girl to do when the world is so against her!? Well, FOX to the rescue!

On March 13th, Tanya's going three rounds in the boxing ring with Paula Jones during the premiere of Celebrity Boxing on FOX (She was originally going to fight Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher, but Amy's parole board won't allow it - don't worry tho, for Amy's suing 'em instead of shootin' 'em.)*

But how exactly does a fallen angel prepare for this fight of her life? Why, by appearing in the latest commercial for FOX Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period, of course!

And of course, ad-rag has the commercial clip loading below. Enjoy.


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