Excelsior movie theatres - winning at the one show?

Our man in India spots these posters that take simplicity to ... well it's simplest form.

We all know that India seldom makes big bangs on the adworlds worldwide awards - and we wondered why. To prove that Indian posters can compete we're pleased to show you this neat little poster campaign for Excelsior movie theatres in Mumbai....

copy : Spiderman and other movies at Excelsior theatre.

copy : Dracula and other movies at Excelsior Theatre.

copy : Traffic and other movies at Excelsior Theatre.

People whodunnit:

Client: Excelsior Theatre
Art Director: Sachin Bavkar
Copywriter: Sunil Shibad
Account Director: Shyam Sunder
Agency: Flea Communication, Mumbai (India).

We'll be rooting for these posters at the One Show awards. Go India! Best of luck guys. :)

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