Exhibit celebrates people behind those classic ads

"Exhibit celebrates people behind those classic ads"
Associated Press

"NEW YORK - "Does she or doesn't she?" "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." "Where's the beef?"
Before these slogans became lodged in our brains, they were dreamed up by advertising copywriters and executives with a knack for tapping into the spirit of the times."

"A new exhibit at the New York Public Library (www.nypl.org/) celebrates the creators of some of the most successful ad campaigns of the last 80 years - from a fresh-faced girl selling Palmolive soap in the 1920s to today's silhouetted figures with iPods. ....."

See: https://www.philly.com/dailynews/features/20080625_Exhibit_celebrates_people_behind_those_classic_ads.html

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Allan1, you're not trying to get me a nice cease and desist note from the AP are you? ;)
Aw shucks, you shouldn't have. That's so sweet, you know exactly what to get a geekgal! Airkisses! Please note that I am not sarcastic, I'd love to see one of those C&D's

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I'm actually linking to a local paper's website, which is publishing the article. I'm only quoting the beginning of the article, which I could have done - without the quotes - pretending it was my own words about the event. As it were, I properly attributed it. So AP can stuff it! :-)

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Exaaaactly. But that's what they seem to have a problem with so, hey, there ya go. I promise to frame the C&D if I get one. :)

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You need to scan it and post it when/if you get one...

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I used to have my first one scanned (Universal Studios, back in 1999) but I never post any as I find it kind of tacky. says the gal who just pin-upped while feeding Jolt to her daughter, yeah sure, so I don't make much sense...